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Welcome to The Brother's Grimm.

We are primarily a Horde Guild (Wow). Our main focus will be on The World of Warcraft.

Our Admin's are Beltane and Epic who are brothers in real life. We live in different states and find time to be together through gaming. The Original Brother's Grimm Guild was created during the twilight of Rift and Unfortunately did not last very long. 

We are a Horde based Guild. This only means that your main character needs to be a Horde (WoW).

The Guild may be participating in some PVP events. Feel free to build Alt Characters to try out other Factions, we will list on the website and we plan to add a Guild for Ally at some point in the future. While we want members who participate we do understand if you want to have one or all of your Alt Characters in another PVP based Guild. 

We have a spot in the Forums to post if you will be away from the game for an extended period of time. We are still discussing what an "Extended period of time" means but I am guessing it will be 2 weeks or more. We completely understand that sometimes real life has a habit of creating obstacles that prevent you from being able to game. If you can't or don't have time to post then e-mail an officer of Admin. If you can't do that then get a hold of us when you are back in game, don't freak or get mad if your character has been removed from the Cabal, you can always be reinstated.  

Epic and I have played many MMOs and I have beta tested even more. That's not to say that we are experts, we are far from it and we each have different play styles. We are both willing to lend a hand to help out members. 

As The World of Warcraft. Nothing is static everything is fluid. 

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The Brother's Grimm

Beltane0105, Jul 31, 14 7:07 PM.
So that everyone knows, currently the Brother's Grimm is in transition from Anvilmar to Bladefist.

As of the writting of this update we have not established the Guild on Bladefist yet. This will come in the future. We still have a presence on Anvilmar but our Guild Leader on Anvilar is currently not playing WoW. 

Thank you for your time.

The Brother's Grimm moving to World of Warcraft.

Beltane0105, Nov 26, 12 2:35 PM.
Do to circumstances beyond our control we will be moving our main focus to The World of Warcraft. You can find the guild on the Anvilmar Server. We will start out with a Alliance Guild and after the establishment of the Alliance Guild on Anvilmar we may start a Hoard Guild on Ravencrest.

We will still have a small presences on Grim (TSW) but our main focus is going to be World of Warcraft.  
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